• Struggling to manage your weight? Confused about what to eat? Overeating when stressed or upset?

    Relish Nutrition are here to help

Providing Weight Management & Nutrition Advice in Harrogate, Leeds & Yorkshire

Relish Nutrition Consultancy was set up to provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching either face to face or online. I recognise that changing your eating, improving your health and managing your weight can be difficult particularly given the many conflicting messages, often from unqualified sources, which promise quick easy solutions.

Its not surprising many people end up feeling despondent, confused and frustrated. I’ll teach you how to think differently about your eating, build the skills and knowledge needed for sustainable change, and learn how to nourish your body by eating well.

Instead of providing a ‘one size fits all’ approach I work to personalise care to your unique situation taking into consideration your daily routines and challenges. All treatments are scientifically supported and I use my long standing experience to guide you towards approaches that are most likely to be helpful.

Dr Clare Grace, Weight Management & Nutrition Advice Specialist

Consultation Packages

At Relish Nutrition Consultancy we offer range of packages from one to one plans to group treatment plans and always start with an initial consultation to find the best package to meet your goals and needs.

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