Dr Clare Grace

Hello, I’m Clare Grace, a UK registered dietitian specialising in weight management.

I was the lead dietitian in several NHS weight management services for over 22 years supporting people with severe weight problems so I understand what a  difficult and complex challenge managing weight can be.

Its not helped by the large amount of conflicting dietary advice out there which can leave people feeling confused, despondent and frustrated. Much of this information comes from unqualified sources or has been misinterpreted in its reporting.

So given my background in nutrition research I thought it would be helpful to talk through some of the important issues when managing weight and explore what the science really tells us.

I believe food is there to be enjoyed, without the guilt and struggle commonly linked to dieting.  How we approach and think about the changes we plan to make is critical in ensuring a positive relationship with food and weight. I’ll cover some of these issues in blog topics over time.

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